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Core Gaming

From its headquarters beneath a volcano in Solihull in the West Midlands, a cracking team of experts work together to create fully optimised HTML5 slot games. Created in 2007, Core Gaming was formed when a bunch of gaming gurus joined forces to change the way mobile gaming works. A Creative Director of JPM International and a Head of Games from Sky Vegas are just some of the brains behind the operation. And it’s paid off big time as Core Gaming has grown and grown over the years, forming numerous partnerships and revolutionising the mobile gaming experience.

In fact, while we’re talking about Solihull, the success of Core Gaming is just another string to the town’s bow. Barry Austin, the former Britain’s fattest man, newsreader Michael Buerk and Karren Brady have all lived in the area. Obviously, none of them cut as much of a shining star as the Core Gaming staff. Well, maybe Richard Hammond. But it goes to show that despite what people might think, this area of the UK is a hotbed for talent and Core Gaming is proof of that.

Core Gaming is known for creating a wide range of popular online games for international operators, as well as working on its own portfolio of slots. In fact, it’s become so popular that it’s partnered with the Rank Group and now leads the way in HTML5 games. Whether it’s Roulette or bright and shiny slots, it’s got a reputation for designing and developing games that have kept them at the forefront of the gaming development technology and will do for many years to come. Or at least that’s what it says on its own website.

There might not be an abundance of slots in its own portfolio but what it does have delivers on the goods it promises. Crisp graphics, smooth gameplay and fun features, no wonder other operators are chasing Core Gaming. And no wonder it’s partnered up with so many different operations. Let’s just say, if Core Gaming was in a cop TV show, it’d be the grizzly detective that has gone through loads of partners. For instance, its slots used to run on the OpenBet platform, which was acquired by NYX in 2016…who were acquired by Scientific Games in 2017.

Sometimes innovative developers don’t get the praise they deserve, but Core Gaming has rightly been recognised for its contribution to the industry. In 2016 it was shortlisted at the EGR Awards for the Innovation in Slots provision and it’ll only be a matter of time before it fills its mantelpiece with silverware. Or more likely, it helps to fill the mantlepiece of other developers!

Unlike some of the smaller, snazzier gaming developers, Core Gaming doesn’t have a big social media presence nor feels like the friendliest of characters. And that’s not because it’s based in Solihull! It has a professional look and feel to it, rather than a conversational friendly tone. In fact, there’s no witty comments on its ‘About us’ page, actually it doesn’t have an ‘About us’ page. But with all the excellent work it’s doing we reckon it has no time to dilly dally around on Facebook. Shame. It could tell us about more famous people from the Midlands.