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We’ve never been to Estonia before but, if we were going, there is a handful of places we’d like to go and see. The most important one is the office of Foxium in Tallinn. (Bet you didn’t think we were going to say that?) In its offices over there, a new creative hub is brewing as the great minds of this gaming studio are becoming more innovative and influential day by day. But how did it all happen?

Back in 2015, Foxium was created by Åke André, an online gaming expert from Sweden and Daniil Sanders, a senior software engineer. So, basically, a bunch of geniuses. Why travel from Sweden all the way to Estonia? Who knows? Perhaps NetEnt rules the roost there and our boy Åke journeyed all the way from Stockholm to Tallinn in search of pastures new. However it happened, we’re glad it did as in just a few years Foxium has already made a name for itself with its fully optimised HTML5 slots, and it continues to grow and innovate. But it’s also worth noting that there is a regional office based in Sweden…so it hasn’t get rid of its Scandinavian roots completely.

Did you know that Foxium launched its first two games on the Odobo platform? And that it did it in just six weeks. That’s impressive. This momentum continued over the years as it worked closely with various operators and online gaming companies to release its slots to a wider audience across the world. In 2017 it integrated with Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, the product of which was a host of new feature-rich online slots. At the same time, Foxium received significant investment from Velo Partners, giving it access to the team and network of Random Number Generator Foundry.

The good business acumen is just one of the things Foxium should be proud of. The main (and most important) thing is its contribution to online and mobile slots games. It always endeavours to put the story first. We don’t just get any old slot from Foxium. It’s not just going to slap on a colourful animal, throw in some free spins and say “hey, here’s our slot.” No. It carefully crafts stories, character backgrounds and innovative features that further enhance said stories. Take its Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion slot as  a perfect example. We join Lyra on an intergalactic adventure and battle against the A.I. baddie, Erion, to save her home planet. It’s filled with funky music, visuals and bonuses that show how keytars might well make a comeback as the weapons of the future. If this is the care and attention we can expect from Foxium’s slot then they’re well worth the wait.

With heavyweight partners invested in the company and story-driven slots, we’re expecting great things from Foxium. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be long until it’s celebrated for its contribution to online gaming and it brings back a trophy or two to its HQ. Then we’ll have another reason to make a trip to Estonia.