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“It’s Gameveeeeeeey baby” we say in our best Austin Powers accent. Why? Because Gamevy is an inherently British company, based in the heart of London. And who better to represent England than a fictional character portrayed by a Canadian actor? Gamevy, after all, is a multicultural workplace, and it has been sending shockwaves through the iGaming market ever since its inception.

Based in the trendy Farringdon district, we can already envision what Gamevy offices look like. Do they have a slide in the office, a barista near-by and at least one developer who has a man-bun? None of that matters, of course, because whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

Gamevy’s main focus isn’t on slots. It doesn’t want to copy what’s already been done. It believes that “players deserve more innovative and unique content – games that are every bit as entertaining as a TV game show, as well as offering life-changing prizes!”. You don’t say. Well, actually, they did say. And boy did they deliver.

How can you make a wheel of fortune-type game fun for an instant win game? Why, you set it up to look suspiciously like a cog from the Gears of War games, cover the wheel in cogs and gears and let us spin and answer questions on our quest to win them. That’s certainly different to the typical online scratchcard or instant win game. Other popular titles include Epic Gems, a gem-filled space adventure in which we select gems and avoid hidden mines to earn bigger and bigger prizes. Or how about Nerves of Steal, a game that gives us the chance to find ten hidden casino chips and bag a £1million cash prize? The games are fun. They’re different. And, like Gamevy said itself, have life-changing prizes.

It comes as no surprise that Gamevy won the ICE Totally Gaming Award for “Game to Watch” in 2016 and since then it’s given us even more games we can’t take our eyes off. This also hasn’t gone unnoticed by the press, with the Guardian and other reputable outlets (us included) singing its praises.

It’s difficult to compare Gamevy to other developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, due to the size and nature of each one’s business. However, while Microgaming and NetEnt might seem like goliaths, when it comes to instant win and casual games, Gamevy is definitely the David. In its slingshot, it’s got interactive games that you won’t find anywhere else and definitely gives the big players a run for their money. And ours.

Slots may not be a huge part of its portfolio (yet!) but some of the games do have that slot feel to it. This makes many of the games appeal to slot players who want to experience casual games. The studio’s 7Up! Slot-come-instant game is a perfect example. And hopefully for slots players out there, Gamevy might make the movement into full-blown online slots. And then it won’t only be the gems that are epic.