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Iron Dog Studio

Britain might not be blessed with copious amounts of sunshine, but down by the beaches of Brighton there’s a studio where the vivaciousness character of the city comes to life. We’re not saying that it’s playing steel band music through the streets or marching for pride, but if that kind of verve was embodied by a slots developer, then it would be Iron Dog Studio. Or, in other words, Iron Dog Studio is based in a nice HQ in Brighton in the UK and has been making a name for itself since its inception in 2017.

In June 2017, Iron Dog Studio shot onto the scene as the latest extension of 1x2Gaming. While the latter focuses on its betting, lottery and casino offerings, Iron Dog Studio is the family member responsible for creating great slots and immersive table games like 3D Blackjack and 3D Roulette. A brand in its own right, it focuses on creating new concepts that entertain and provide a gaming experience like no other. With resources and a network of partners to draw on, Iron Dog Studio are able to offer that, as is evident with its selection of high-quality slots.

Although Iron Dog Studio doesn’t have a portfolio filled to the brim with online slots, that’s not to say it’s not going to get there. After all, it was only ‘born’ in 2017. How many toddlers do you know that can create awe-inspiring games? Instead, its focus is to design and create games that pay attention to detail, offer an unrivalled gaming experience and make our eyes pop out from the second it starts up. That’s why its portfolio may seem insignificant in comparison to the giants but as we were told by our high school teachers, it’s quality not quantity that matters.

With great care put into the creation of its slots, we’ve seen how each of them offer something different and new. Morai Blaze is an interesting depiction of Diwali, while Neon Jungle adds a unique twist on the method of triggering its features. And trips to Hawaii become very lucrative on Wai-Kiki and its colourful, innovative bonuses. Iron Dog Studio go the extra mile to ensure its slots aren’t hastily released. Instead, we get carefully crafted games that give us something different to the bigger developers out there.

As it’s part of 1x2Gaming, Iron Dog Studio benefits from the same licences, including licences for markets in the UK, Italy, Spain, Malta and Sweden. And as its part of an ever-growing bigger company, we’re sure this, just like its slots selection, will continue to grow.

So while we may not get sunshine every day of the year down by the Brighton beaches, it’s still being lit up with Iron Dog Studio’s creations. And let’s face it, that’s a lot better.