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Just for The Win

We’re not sure where online gambling was born but we do know where it really is a hotbed of activity. And that’s in Sweden. A glance at NetEnt’s empire gives us a shining example of a massive gaming company that’s expanding all across the world. If only its competition was snapping up the hotshot young developers from that arena…oh wait…it’s already happening. Microgaming has been partnering with many smaller studios and have taken in Just For The Win, another Swedish-based company, into its family. Perhaps this is part of Microgaming’s plan to beat the competition. Or perhaps it’s just the beginning of the success story of Just For The Win, a studio that’s pioneering the new age of online gaming.

Just For The Win sprang to life in 2016 from its offices in Gothenburg. With over 20 professional developers, designers and professionals (and growing), it’s a fun, mixed bunch who work there, coming from more than 11 different nationalities. Just For The Win has a fresh, straightforward approach to how it works and the games it creates. Its aim is to ‘share your passion for games’. Which means each and every slot it makes takes into consideration player feedback, to ensure we get slots like no other. With every release we can see the time, effort and creativity that’s gone into them all. So it’s good to know that Just For The Win listen!

From the JFTW slots we’ve enjoyed, we’ve been impressed by the attention to detail and unique new themes. An animal talent show on Reel Talent with performance bonuses give us fun animations and plenty of replay-ability. Meanwhile, we get to see what goes on behind the scenes in a leprechaun’s brewery on Rainbrew, something different to the stereotypical leprechaun-based slots out there.

As JFTW is using Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, it does mean we’re seeing dual branded slots. It’s great for Just For The Win as it means it can distribute its slots to online casinos across the world. And we’re especially grateful to be hosting them here! But for the company itself, we do wonder if it’s getting all the praise it deserves. If any of its slots are up for awards, will Microgaming be walking away with them and adding to its already bursting trophy cabinet? Or will Just For The Win be allowed to keep it? That we don’t know, and we’ll leave that to the small studio and Microgaming’s Just For The Win liaison officer (because we think that’s how it works). What we do know is that JFTW is only beginning its journey and it’s already been very impressive. So the future’s looking very bright for all of us.