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Skillzz Gaming

If someone insisted on spelling skills with not one “z” but two, chances are that in real life you’d walk away. But not anymore. Our heads have been turned around to the colloquial phrasing and that’s all thanks to Skillzz Gaming. Yes, it might not have a name we agree on completely, but nobody can deny that it’s transformed the world of casual gaming. As much as you might hate to spell this, it’s clear this is one slots studio with mad skillzz.

Skillzz Gaming has only been around since 2015 so it’s safe to say that it’s a relatively new kid on the block. Formed in Tel Aviv, Israel, by three hardcore gamer friends, it’s taken online gaming in a new direction. After years of working in the industry, and no doubt mastering Krav Maga along the way, the brains behind Skillzz Gaming “combine the fun of casual games with the thrill of wagering and winning real money prizes.” But what was the best way to really take its games to a global audience. And in only a few years? By partnering with Microgaming, of course.

A reckoning force in the online world, Microgaming knows a thing or two about partnering up with independent gaming studios. It’s branching out into new types of games and it means that companies such as Skillzz Gaming have the backing of a giant behind them. Which works out very well for us gamers as we get to enjoy games such as Battle Mania, Mega Money Rush and Fruit Blast.

Fruit Blast is a fresh take on the matching fruits games we’ve seen adorn the Android and Apple shops for years. Though this time, we can actually win up to 1,000 times our bet. Battle Royale is an innovative RPG game with battles galore, while Mega Money Rush gives us retro 8-bit racing all with cash prizes and level-based achievements. If these few games are just a snippet into the type of things we can expect from Skillzz Gaming, then we know we’re in for a whole world of greatness.

There’s something to be said for a company made from a close-knit team. The people there know the way the iGaming industry works and recognise the need for something new, fresh and unique. And with a small team working on each game, it’s bound to have the best graphics and playability factor. Then add to the fact that Microgaming is there to help develop and distribute, Skillzz Gaming is a pioneering studio in the ever changing casual game landscape.

Having only been around since 2015 and releasing a handful of games, Skillzz Gaming hasn’t had the chance to be recognised for its genius nor received any trophies. However, as we speak, we reckon it’s buying a cabinet from IKEA and preparing for the future. Because it should. It’s got mad skillzz.