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3 Devils Pinball Slot

The good old pinball machine has been in and out of fashion for hundreds of years. The fancy electronic versions that peaked in popularity during the 70s and 80s were swiftly replaced by the pixelated goodness of even fancier arcade games, and since then the humble pinball machine has almost been forgotten. Now, though, enough decades have passed that pinball is cool again.

Retro cool – the best kind of cool. And to certify pinball’s status as officially ‘Back’ with a capital B, slots developers Crazy Tooth Studio have made it the central theme of their latest epic online slot, 3 Devils Pinball.

Paylines 25
Reel Layout 6
Min Bet 0.2
Max Bet 18
RTP 92.22%
Jackpot 46.746
Released 2021