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The Faces of Freya Slot

Norse mythology has been an inspiration for online slots developers since the industry’s earliest days, when it provided the basis for the now fairly ancient Thunderstruck and the only slightly less ancient Thunderstruck 2.

Since then we’ve seen dozens of slots chronicling the adventures of Odin, Thor, and Loki, but, so far as we recall, The Faces of Freya is the first to put the Norse Goddess of love and war in the starring role. And she deserves it, really, because Freya is clearly the coolest Norse god. No, she doesn’t have a mighty hammer like Thor, or a cool eye patch like Odin. Freya has something much better. She has a chariot pulled by cats. What more could you want?

Paylines 20
Reel Layout 5
Min Bet 0.2
Max Bet 100
RTP 96.2%
Jackpot 500,000
Released 2021