The 3,000 Year Old Egyptian Slots Caravan

It’s only taken ten years but King Tutankhamun’s tomb has finally been restored. Great, we’ll just pop over to Egypt and have a look, shall we? First, that’s not that easy to do. Second, we’ve heard of many mysterious illnesses and deaths when it comes to unearthing Egyptian mummies. So we’re ditching the plane and sticking with the caravan and enjoying Egypt how it’s mean to be enjoyed. On the Caravan to Cairo slot.

Hop Aboard The Caravan To Cairo

At first when we thought about a caravan in Egypt we thought of quite possibly the worst holiday imaginable, travelling around the desert in a ramshackle tent on wheels. Plus an Egyptian-themed slot isn’t exactly a fresh new slots concept, seeing as there’s a gazillion of them out there. Then we checked the dictionary and realised caravan has more than one meaning. Intriguing. So what zingy freshness can EyeCon inject into this tried and tested slots genre?

Camels, Birds, Monkeys and Rhinos act as the high paying symbols on EyeCon’s Caravan to Cairo slot, while the Crocodile can give us up to 40 times our stake for five on adjacent reels. With five reels and 243 Ways to Win we are more than happy to join these cartoon characters on a jolly through the desert. The Elephant is the Scatter and triggers a multitude of Free Spins and multiplier combinations, with the chance to win 12,500 times our stake on ever Free Spin with a 10x Multiplier. There’s the zing!

The Best Way To Travel

It might seem like something out of a Carry On film. Only with fewer boobs. But we can definitely imagine Sid James voicing the Rhino. But that’s what makes this slot work. The cartoon characters, the fun animations and the fact that we don’t have to go anywhere near a dead pharaoh. I’d buy that for a dollar!

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