A New Year’s Stellar Jackpot

Who doesn’t fancy a jackpot to kick off the new year? You’d be mad not to. But while a jackpot has to be about a jackpot, surely it also has to be about the game-play? If an online slot was as boring as hell, would we play it? I would say no, even if it dangled a hefty jackpot in front of us. Such is the beauty of Lightning Box’s Stellar Jackpots slot series. These slots are wacky and they’re random. Plus they offer Minor, Major and Mega Jackpots that are well worthy of the capitals.

From The Desert To The Deep Blue Sea

Lightning Box’s game design is excellent enough. It’s Stellar Jackpots With Dolphin Gold slot takes us to the bottom of the ocean. Cheeky crustaceans climb rows of bubbles between the reels. Majestic sea turtles complete wins across the game’s 40 pay-lines with glee. Likewise, the NYX-affiliate’s Stellar Jackpots With Chilli Gold 2 transports us to the Mexican desert. A Ranchero Cabron and his donkey make the plays as the stars of this slot, while we shake our maracas in search of wins across, you guessed it, 40 pay-lines.

Lightning Box’s Continuing Slots Mission

But it is not merely the neat graphical style, reel design and number of paylines that inextricably link these two slots. Notice the Stellar Jackpots of the title? Completely at random, we will zoom from the ocean or the desert into deep space to play the Stellar Jackpots bonus game. We must shoot through a series of asteroids, spaceships and satellites as we hunt down the Minor, Major and Mega Jackpots. How much we can take back to earth is down to us and our bet when we trigger the bonus game. One thing’s for sure, though. It will be one hell of an adventure along the way.


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