Are Oldie Slots Still The Best?

One of the greatest things about slots (and there are a lot of great things) is that they’re timeless. It doesn’t matter how old the slot is, we can always find value in playing it again. But research has also shown that old slots are more than just trips down memory lane, they hold the key to success.

Making A Slot With A Reputation That Lasts

Research has been carried out on a range of online slots and their presence online. What was interesting to note was that fortune favours slots like Rainbow Riches and Starburst, despite being classed as “older” slots. They retain main focus on online casino homepages despite new slot releases being released every day. These classic games are often seen as staples of many online casinos.

Why? Is there some hidden formula for this? It’s simple really. The slots are simply too good. Rainbow Riches is one of the most iconic Irish themed slots around while Starburst gives us everything we need for a bright, spaced-themed experience. Both slots are known for their generous payouts and bonus features. So it’s no wonder they remain on home pages, and casino hot lists. If you found a slot which ticked all the boxes, wouldn’t you keep coming back to it?

The Challenge For New Slots

Oldie slots aren’t necessarily just seen as old, popular, fun games. They’re hugely rewarding and can become part of the brand of that gaming developer. New slots have to outclass the old slots. Better characters, better themes, better bonuses – it’s a tricky task but one that slots developers take on with gusto. So while old slots still reign supreme, the young guns need to make a name for themselves. Pretenders to the thrones or the slots of the future? The choice is yours.

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