Be Smart, Be Casual

Casual gaming is a term that is synonymous with online slots. Why? Because online slots are there for us to play whenever we want. We can enjoy action, excitement, comedy, in fact pretty much any genre exists on the slots and we spin the reels from our mobile, our desktop and have fun for as long as we like. But casual games refer to games maybe less involved than slots, but with plenty more to them than online or mobile scratchcards. And if player engagement is anything to go by, casual games really are the bees knees. Quite literally, in the case of Beehive Bedlam Reactors.

Believing In Bees

There’s always someone or some news article claiming the end of the world is nigh due to the dwindling number of bees. But not here. Summer is the time when bees come into their own, but we can enjoy an instant gaming summer time at any time thanks to the Beehive Bedlam Reactors casual game.

Played across seven reels and using a cascading reels engine, it’s up to us to collect enough honey to trigger the Honey Jar Bonus Game. All the action of this game takes place within a beehive, set against a honeycomb design. We match the symbols by forming clusters and build up enough to activate the Honey Jar bonus. During this round, a Worker Bee buzzes around collecting coins for us! As if that wasn’t sweet enough, there’s a Free Falls feature which is this slot’s take on free spins, adding higher value symbols to the fray and even sweeter wins. Yummy.

Creating A Buzz

This slot-come-casual game is reminiscent of a number we could download from the App Store that share similar gaming mechanics. That’s what gives it the casual gaming feel. However, there’s nothing casual about the jackpots on offer, especially as Beehive Bedlam Reactors boasts a progressive jackpot and 250,000 top payout. Buzzing.

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