The Best Online Slots Characters

Our Uncle Ben once told us that with great slots come great slots characters. And what words of wisdom they’ve been. Uncle Ben certainly got around a bit too as he must have told this piece of advice to every gaming studio out there because we’ve seen plenty of slots with amazing characters. Which makes it extra difficult to pick just one. So we’ll go ahead and pick a selection instead!

Top Of The Slots

With so many epic characters on the slots, where do we begin? We’ll start in El Dorado on and get Gonzo going again as we fire up NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. Our favourite explorer, err, Gonzo, dances and wiggles his way through the game in search of big wins. This slot gives us an intrepid 3D sprite explorer who sets trends as he appears on the sides of the reels as we play.

More recently, NetEnt released its Wild Bazaar slot that features the marketplace as its own living, breathing main character entity. It would have been easy for NetEnt to choose Aladdin himself as the star of this slot, but the slick Swedish studio has instead pulled off a neat twist by making the setting the star.

But sometimes it’s the chaotic, crazy and colourful characters that catch our eye. Such as Toro the Bull on ELK’s Wild Toro. Watching Toro go red and chase the Matador across the reels is one of ELK’s top animations we’ve seen…and it gives us huge prizes to boot. This slot is a great example of when the characters really do come to life.

Great Characters, Great Slots, Great Times

Whether we’re revisiting history with Napoleon on Napoleon: Rise of an Empire or planning a heist on Lake’s Five, there are slots characters for every occasion. While Gonzo and Toro are the favourites of the month, the majority of slots give us loveable characters. Uncle Ben would be proud.

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