Donald Trump Looks For Stellar Jackpots

Ok, bear with us here. But the news on the wire is that Donald Trump wants to launch a new national strategy. For space. He wants to have a ‘Space Force’. We can only think of three reasons why he’d want this. And that’s because he’s probably been playing either Dolphin Gold or Chilli Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots. That, or he could perhaps be smoking something.

A Real Force On The Slots

Before heading to a different kind of jackpot in space this year, Trump might have taken a dip below sea level on the Dolphin Gold slot. It comes with five reels, 50 pay-lines and introduces us to some of the world’s most intelligent creatures. (Dolphins, not Donald.) Crisp visuals of the deep blue sea combine with aquatic symbols to make this more appealing, and a lost easier, than a real life diving trip. It also gives us multipliers during the base game and up to 21 free spins on the bonus round.
But let’s take it up a gear. Or a whole lot of gears. In fact, we have to go pretty high to enjoy Chilli Gold x2 Stellar Jackpots as the slot takes us to Mexico, where we know Trump wants a high wall. Obviously, his wall is ludicrous. Who wouldn’t want to head to Mexico on a five reel, 40 payline slot. Double Wild Wins, up to 21 free spins and Stacked Wilds, as well as the Stellar Jackpot prizes, make it a very rewarding visit.

You Won’t Find It In Space, Donald

Oh Donald Trump. You don’t need to justify creating a “space force” just to search for interstellar triumphs. All it takes is a spin on one of Lightning Box’s epic slots and you can get them in the palm of your hand. A scheme much more amenable to Congress, I’m sure.

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