Iron Dog’s Latest Immersive Casino Experience

To maintain its reputation of releasing innovative casino gaming, Iron Dog Studios brings us 3D Blackjack. “But playing it in real life is 3D” is what the complainers out there might say. And yes, they might be right. But playing online is an experience unto its own and now, thanks to Iron Dog, it’s got even better. And in 3D.

The 3D Experience Continues

3D Blackjack has been designed to work on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms, meaning we can enjoy it however we decide to play. The best bit about it is obviously the 3D experience, which in the world of online casino gaming, is a big thing. Typically, table games would show us a front-on visual of a table. Or we could play real live dealer games instead. There was nothing in the middle. Until now. On 3D Blackjack, we get a gorgeous view of the table, cards, seats and it really does feel like we’re sitting at an actual table.

We get to see the cards being drawn, appear in front of us and we benefit from all the betting options and strategies that online blackjack offers. It’s a similar take on the game to Iron Dog’s 3D Roulette, which gives us another chance to enjoy classic table games in 3D.

Improving The Table Experience

Some people might think that 3D gaming in this respect means we have to sit inside with special dark glasses on. Those people are wrong. It means we get a 3D visual of the table and all included graphics, making it as realistic as possible. We’ve had 3D Roulette and it’s amazing. Now we’ve got 3D Blackjack and it’s awesome. So what next for Iron Dog? 3D Baccarat?

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