Mobile Casinos: You Decide

In the news recently we discovered that the Gambling Commission is inviting members of the public, players and gambling operators to share their opinions on changes being made to gambling regulations. This focus is mainly on licence conditions and protection to keep gambling safe and fair and how access to mobile gaming can affect this. But aren’t mobile casinos the best way to play?

Mobile Gaming At Its Best

Parents have the power to keep iPhones locked and prevent child access for in-app purchases or downloading expensive games. And, of course, we understand that mobile slots or Live Casino mobile gambling should be protected from children. Thankfully, gaming developers, operators and casinos adhere to strict standards to ensure these games are kept away from those it should be. But for the rest of us who love mobile gaming. Well, it keeps getting better.

How so? Just take a look at some of the recent mobile games. Gamevy released Nerves of Steal, a casual game that adds strategy to what should be a simple game to play. It’s not just brainless gameplay, it makes us think as we search for hidden chips and, however we play, we’re bound to be rewarded for it too. As more slots are released, they tie in with current events or take online gaming in a new direction. Microgaming released Exotic Cats to celebrate International Cat Day while NetEnt released a new MAX series of slots with Berry Burst. New games to enjoy on our mobiles, new challenges and new rewards.

How Mobile Are You?

Obviously there are multiple ways to play slots and casual games, such as Nerves of Steal, but mobile gaming has its obvious perks. Being able to play on the go, ease of accessibility and the same self-imposed restrictions we can access via desktop – we have everything we need. What are your views on mobile casinos? Or do you not really care as long as the great games keep coming?

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