NextGen Releases Its Inner Ape…Again!

It’s only been a few years since we took to the jungle with King Gary the Gorilla on NextGen’s Gorilla Goes Wild. But now it’s time for another outing. This time round we’re off to tropical islands as we enjoy Gazza on another adventure. It’s time to see what happens on the Gorilla Go Wilder slot.

Adventuring With Apes

While we spin the reels, Gary the Gorilla joins us again as the slot’s mascot on the left of the screen. The symbols on Gorilla Go Wilder will seem familiar as they’ve been reprised from the original slot but given a glorious HD makeover. Lemurs, Toucans, Gary and Coins appear as the high paying symbols while the cards 9 to Ace are the lower paying symbols. But we wouldn’t think that as they’ve been exquisitely designed. Nice work, NextGen.

Like the first slot, this sequel gives us the chance to adventure through different levels. The Bonus Island feature sees us unlock achievements and the more we get, the more levels we unlock. Like many top forest slots adventures we move across from island to island and, as we progress, so too do the rewards.  Multiplier Zones, Wandering Wilds, Stacked Symbols and the chance to win over 10,000 times our stake. It’s certainly something to go bananas about!

The Best Type Of Monkey Business

NextGen knows how to give us an awe-inspiring slots sequel. And we’re not just saying that because of the funky purple monkey in the shape of Gary. Who has an awesome name, might we add. Sure, this does play a big reason, but then the advancing levels, unlockable features and innovation of the slot back it up like a veteran partner in a buddy cop movie.

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