NextGen’s Monster Wins Scratch Roars On

Everybody likes monsters. Not the big, scary kind that live under your bed and frighten the life out of you. Joking…they don’t exist. Right? Anyway, we’re talking about the cute, cuddly monsters that we see everywhere since a certain Pixar film made them famous. But we can also enjoy cute monsters on instant wins when we play the Monster Wins scratchcard.

A Monster Of A Game

What’s not to love about Monster Wins, really? It’s cute. It’s like Monsters Inc. with its selection of adorable characters. And it can also give us bonus wins. Is the sound of it making you want to dance the NextGen funky chicken yet? This scratchcard is set on a standard four by four layout with eight different monsters on screen. Then just like any other scratchcard, we simply scratch away to reveal the squares underneath. If we match three of the same, we win!

But it’s more than that. Not only do we get an instant payout upon matching three monsters, we can also place some sizeable bets too. For instance, we can bet up to 50.00 per game. And if we got three of the Purple Monsters, we score x1000 our bet. If we find four matching symbols we bag x2000 times our bet! Wowzer.

Scratch But Don’t Be Scared

These monsters are cute, cuddly and hugely rewarding. If we found one of these under our bed, we wouldn’t be scared. We’d probably just give them a massive hug. And then load up the Monster Wins scratchcard and play away together.

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