Online Gaming Continues To Grow

We know, it’s not exactly a newsflash is it? Online gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world so it makes sense that it’s going to keep on growing. But will it mean we can withdraw our slots wins quicker because of the increased revenue, and have you realised just by how much the popularity is surging? We can’t be certain of the former, but the predicted 11.4% year-on-year growth for 2018 is certainly impressive enough.

Gamers Set To Double

Juniper Research has released its latest results, showing that online gaming is set to grow (though we could have told you that…actually, we did tell you that!), with this year’s market set to reach a record $700 billion, up from $620 billion the year before. It’s been predicted that this will double by 2020, with wagering reaching over $1 trillion!

As was expected, it’s been noted that the online casino industry will see a huge increase in digitally placed wagers. It’s estimated that by 2020 this will comprise over 40% of online wagers. With new technologies and channels, online gamers experience more customer engagement, personalised offers and player support available 24/7.

It’s All Going On Online

The face of gaming has changed since online gambling came to fruition. Nowadays, there are plenty of engaging products, bonuses and games that keep us coming back. Combine that with better customer experience and support and we’ve got not reason to put our mobile down. Add to that, new legislations taking place across the globe, whatever constrictions are placed, new opportunities will pop up instead, meaning players will never be left disappointed. And that’s why the online casino outlook continues to be sunny.

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