Respin Lightning Box’s Charging Rhino

Rhinoceroses are magical creatures, aren’t they? Massive stature, hardened skin and a giant horn – they’re essentially unicorns without the grace (or mane and hairy tail) but at least they’re real. Or should we say “reel”? These creatures know a thing or two about slots, especially when they lead the jungle slots charge to rampage across the reels. Don’t believe us? Just check out Lightning Box’s Respin Rhino slot.

The Magic Of The Savannah

Unicorns are meant to be magical creatures but if we’re saying that rhinos are the unicorns of the real world (sorry, reel world) then we expect something magical too, right? Well that’s what we get on this five reel, 40 payline slot set against the African plains. With roars, rolls and tumbles, this slot takes us on a stampeding safari to success. Elephant, Birds of Prey and of course, Rhinos, appear as the high-paying symbols on the reels.

Bringing its magic to life, the Rhino offers us generous cash payouts when it appears three, four or five times on the same spin – either 30, 60 or 105 coins. We also have symbols with a golden hue to its background – these are ones to watch out for. When they appear on reels one and five it can trigger the Rhino Respin feature. This is where the action happens – we get respins, symbols become stacked and if we land a Wild then the reel is filled with Wilds and more Respins. Truly magical!

Real Life Is Better Than Mythology

We’re not sure why we’re sticking with the unicorn theory but we’ve gone this far, so we’re nothing if not consistent. Rhinos should be seen as the real world’s unicorns – they really do bring magic to life. And especially so on Lightning Box’s Respin Rhino Slot.

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