Scratch And Sniff Online Slots

Okay, let’s be serious for a moment. The news is just in is that Uranus smells. No, this isn’t a joke. Scientists have smelled Uranus and concluded that it reeks of rotten eggs. Fine, let’s stop talking about Uranus for now. Instead we’ll focus on NetEnt’s Starburst slot in which, thankfully, we don’t have to smell Uranus when we venture into space.

A More Pleasant Way To Enjoy Stars

Get all scents of Uranus out of your head and join us on a continuing mission as we embark on a space quest by playing NetEnt’s Starburst slot. It comes with five reels, 10 paylines and gives us vibrant, space age colours and themes. What’s more, we get a range of impressive features such as the Expanding Starburst Wild which can expand on reels two to four and cover the entire reel while the other reels respin. If we get three Starburst Wilds then we could win up to £50,000. Wow, take that Uranus.

NetEnt knows a thing or two about space themed slots with exploding gems and stars, and Starburst delivers simple yet rewarding action. This slot might not benefit from free spins which is usually a staple of slots play, but it doesn’t suffer for it. Instead it breaks away from the norm and the Expanding Starburst Wilds are a great substitute. Especially when that big cash prize comes crash landing.

Smell The Winnings

We’re glad that slots don’t have a scratch and sniff feature. With the current news about Uranus, we’re not sure what scents would be tickling our nostrils. However, if we go by Starburst’s visuals and rewards, we reckon we’d get wafts of strawberries and cream. Definitely nothing as bad as Uranus.

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