Summer’s Instant Win Beehive Bedlam

“Oh beeehiiiive” we say in our cheesiest Austin Powers voices. That’s right. “Beehive”. No, we’re not just really bad at doing impressions (edit – we are really bad at doing impressions), but with the sun out, so is the pollen which means…so are the bees. And while they go crazy on the flowers, we can go crazy on instant win games, especially top casual titles like SGI/Core Gaming’s Beehive Bedlam Reactors.

Much More Than An Instant Win

Instant win games have changed in online gaming over the years. Previously, we had online scratchcards as the only instant win available. Since then we’ve seen different versions appear that blend scratchcards with online slots to create a new genre of online games. And Beehive Bedlam Reactors is a perfect example of that. It’s akin to an arcade game or one we’d expect to download from the App Store.

The action takes place on a honeycomb beehive with symbols comprised of various Flowers and Bees. We land a winning combination when we get five or more matching symbols. On the right of the screen we find the Pollen Count meter – telling us the points we get for each win. The Free Fall symbol activates Free Falls when we match it three or more times, activating a bonus round when bees fly across and reward us with their sweet, sweet nectar.

Something Else To Thank The Bees For

We know how important bees are to the world and we wouldn’t be here without them. Just when we didn’t think it was possible to appreciate them even more, we do just that after playing this instant win game. So we put on our oversized glasses, load up the game and once again we say, “oh beehiiiive”.

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