Testing Your Casual Game Nerves

If you’re thinking we mean testing your nerves as in getting on them, we don’t. Quite the opposite. We put on our lucky pants and test our resolve on Gamevy’s Nerves of Steal casual game. While it’s a good play-on-words which we salute them for, it’s also a great quickfire game which basically asks us, do we have nerves of steel?

Chip Away Towards Wins

Nerves of Steal presents us with a screen filled with 50 squares. The aim of the game is to find ten casino chips which are hidden throughout. When we select one, it flips over and reveals what’s behind it. If it’s empty then we lose one of our four lives. But if we reveal a chip then not only does our multiplier go up but we get all four lives back again.

There’s a reason why it’s called Nerves of Steal and not just because of the epic wordsmithery (have we mentioned that already?). This game gives us the chance to be smart and casual in our gameplay, with our total win amount displayed on screen that we can cash out whenever we want. The four lives factor give us more confidence to uncover the chips, but are we brave enough to play all the way to the end and uncover all ten? We should be…because the maximum jackpot is a cool £1,000,000!

Fortune Favours The Brave

Nerves of Steal is one of the best casual games around to play. And while it may fall under that category, it’s not as quick as a scratchcard for example. It makes us actually think about how we’re going to play, almost like when we used to play Minesweeper when we should have been working during our I.T. class. But maybe that practice will pay off because the jackpots on Nerves of Steal are just too good. Good job we’ve got our lucky pants on already.

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