Upholding The Law Of The Slots

As we advance further in the future, we still look back to the past. In particular, the times of cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws. Saloons and the Old West are major themes for slots developers so it’s no surprise that we’ve got another cowboy-based game in the form of I Am The Law from 1×2 Gaming.

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Forget about the heroes (or anti-heroes) from Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist or Dead or Alive 2, we’ve got a new bounty hunter in town. On 1×2 Gaming’s five reel, 25 payline slot, we get to enjoy a realistic trip back to the Old West. Horses, Stagecoaches, bottles of Whiskey all appear as high paying symbols and keep the theme going. The Wild is the red-headed Sheriff and when she appears, she expands to cover the whole reel, ramping up the number of wins and laying down the law.

The bonus features keep things fresh. The not-at-all rusty Sheriff’s Badge has the ability to trigger a target practice bonus round in which we have to shoot six bottles to reveal a cash prize. It’s the kind of feature that ensures I Am the Law would have a good pop at making any best retro slots list, and the Free Spins has an extra enhancement to it too. If we see the Outlaw symbol during the spins, we get two, 12 or 40 times our stake per payline. If the Sheriff appears as well, then our bounty is collected and we get a payout of four times our stake on top of our wins. With the chance to win up to 1,600 times our stake on each Free Spin, it’s never been so lucrative to side with the Sheriff.

Rewarding The Good Guys

There’s usually something fun in playing an anti-hero in our Old West adventures. Just take the Red Dead Redemption video games or the Wild Wild West slot. This time round, we’re the force for good. And it pays off. Literally.

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