We Are All Copy Cats

We all love cats. That’s a fact. That’s one telling reason why NetEnt’s Copy Cats slot is so popular. But do you know who really loves cats? Lynea Lattanzio, that’s who. “Who’s Lynea Lattanzio?” you ask. She’s the lady that lives with 1,100 cats. Jeez. That’s about 1,099 cats more then we’re used to! NetEnt’s Copy Cats on the other hand, is much more manageable.

How Cats Should Be Enjoyed

Cats aren’t always the most social of creatures. They make us work to get affection from them, happily skipping over to the neighbour’s house for another meal or a stroke. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had over 1,000 cats coming over to poop in your garden or scavenge for food? Thankfully we don’t have to, because we can enjoy cute cats with none of the mess when we fire up NetEnt’s Copy Cats slot.

The five reel, 25 payline slots takes us to a nice suburban neighbourhood where a colourful array of cats – Red, Pink and Blue – appear as the fat cats that can give us the cream. It’s not exactly an exotic slots setting in which we seek to claw our wins, but the cats in question can appear stacked on the reels and if they completely fill the first reel we trigger the Copy Cats feature. Now, every other cat or Wild on the other reels matches the first reel and the purrfect payouts get bigger. Add in some Free Spins to this action and for a change, we’re excited about seeing more and more cats appear before our very eyes.

Love Cats? Love Copy Cats

Don’t take a leaf out of Lynea Lattanzio’s book. If you love cats then try out the Copy Cats slot. Feline characters multiply before our very eyes, bringing treats in the form of big wins. That’s oodles better than 1,100 cats bringing dead frogs and birds into the living room.

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