Why Slots Are Our Best Friends

On the 30th of July, it was the International Day of Friendship. What does that mean for us? Does it mean hanging out with all those closest to us? Perhaps heading out somewhere, chilling in the park, playing some games? It could. And while we truly value our friends, there’s no better friend than an online slot. Just hear me out…

There For You, Whenever, Wherever

What makes a best friend? It’s someone that’s there for you when you need them. Someone that can make you laugh, make your cry, someone you can have fun with. Which is exactly what our favourite online or mobile slot do, right?

Take birthdays for instance. We only get them once a year and maybe we’ll get a bottle of plonk or a gift voucher from our friends. Neat. But on ELK’s Birthday Slot, we get a whole lot more. The five reel, 178 Ways to Win slot is filled with balloons, cocktails and a range of bonus features, meaning we can celebrate our birthday with ELK any day we like. Something which our “real” friends would no doubt find annoying. Another great ELK example is the studio’s Lake’s Five slot in which we take the slots heist to the reels by joining a classy gang of career criminals on a heist like no other. We feel smooth, suave, sophisticated and spin our way to success. A great adventure with friends!

Friendly Slots Create Friendly Experiences

Of course, there’s no replacement for real-life friends and we’re not advocating that you galavant out in the fields holding mobile slots as if they’re your bestie. However, if you want to enjoy cash, companionship, adventures and experiences you won’t get elsewhere, then that’s where slots really come in to play.

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