Are You Playing Mobile Slots At Work?

Far be it for us to encourage anyone to do that but…well… to be honest, I’m playing right now while I’m supposed to be writing this. It’s fine. My boss doesn’t read these slot blogs anyway. Bear with me one second. Okay, I just nailed those free spins. Boom! Now, where were we?

The Research Says It All

The boffins of online casino world have carried out research on mobile gaming and have found some astonishing results. For instance, one in every five of UK employees are building their bankrolls on smartphones at work and, on average, 55% of gamers play casino games and top slots titles like ELK Studios’ Hong Kong Tower or NetEnt’s Planet Of The Apes on their mobile. That’s one in every four Brits, with 30% of players accessing mobile gaming sites every day.

In today’s world, mobile reigns supreme. So it’s no wonder that so many players are playing mobile slots. Technology advances, new games come to mobile and the old systems of PCs and sitting behind a desk are left behind. In fact, over 2.2 million people in the UK are playing on their mobile, and this is only forecast to rise over the years.  By this year, mobile gaming is set to count for 40% of the total online gambling market. To say mobile has come a long way is an understatement. It’s the future.

The Best Place To Play Is On The Go

Mobile gaming has so many perks we can’t even mention them all here. But playing on the go, whenever we want is a huge plus. Which is why we play them at work, as do many countless others. Speaking of which, I’d better get back to it…

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