What’s Better Than One Roulette Wheel?

Roulette is as classic a casino game as they come, made even more enjoyable by the fact that we can play it online and on our mobiles. We watch the wheel spin, see our lucky number win and rejoice in the lucrative results. How could that ever be beaten? Easy. By having more than one roulette wheel spin. How many more? Eight.

Eight Times The Glory

The mind truly boggles when we first play Microgaming’s Multi Wheel Roulette, as it allows us to spin eight simultaneous roulette wheels. Eight! It’s like being in a parallel universe, it seems so different to the normal roulette experience yet is so familiar. Which is what we expect from Microgaming, known for its out-of-this-world online casino games.

Multi Wheel Roulette lets us bet on the outcome of eight roulette wheels. All at the same time. We can choose which ones are active during every spin. We bet on one table, not eight, so we place bets for all active wheels and just select how many we want to be active during a spin. Then we collect winnings from each wheel. Imagine the winnings when we bet on black for all eight and they all land on our colour! Eight times the prize. Wow.

A Parallel Playing Experience

If we ever wondered what online casino games would be like in a parallel universe then we have to look no further. Microgaming gives us a glimpse into what it’s like. Roulette played over eight wheels – what else could that be other than advanced alien technology or games from another plain of existence? Maybe Microgaming knows something we don’t.

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