Getting Hot With Fluffy Favourites

Everybody loves a bit of fluff, right? Not the kind that gets everywhere and is just “one of those things”. Take fluff on the carpet for example, it’s not like dust, it’s not dirty but there’s something about it. Or belly button fluff. Why do our clothes decide to leak fluff right there? How can we make fluff a glamorous thing? With fluffy animals of course! Eyecon Games has been putting fluff on the map for all the right reasons with its Fluffy Favourites and Fluffy Favourites Too slots. Now fluff can celebrate its glamourous, fun-loving side.

Cuddly, Wuddly, Winnily Slots

Fluffy Favourites is a five reel, 25 payline slot that introduces us to a whole range of cute and cuddly animals. In your faces, Beanie Babies! But we won’t be singing the Lion wakes tonight on this online slot game. He might be the king of the jungle but he makes do with a mid-paying symbol value here. The Panda, Gorilla, Dragons and Hippo take the bow as the top-payers. Awwww. As well as the typical Wilds, we enjoy the 15-25 free spins which we bag when three-five Pink Elephants form part of a winning combination and the Toybox Pick Bonus reminds us of the claw machine at the arcades. Except this time we actually win…

Eyecon’s sequel, Fluffy Too Slot, takes all the cute animals and transports them to the promenade. Pink Elephants still act as high paying symbols and give us free spins but with the move to the beach front, we get a new bonus feature. The Coin Pusher feature gives us the chance to literally push cash prizes into our gaming accounts.

Better Than The Arcades

The Fluffy Favourites slots are essentially the Toy Story films combined with British seaside arcades. It’s a winning mix. Fun toys come to life in a retro setting. It’s the perfect combination for the perfect pair of slots. We’re hoping for a third slot which has a bonus based on the dance games. That’s how you really make fluff glamorous.

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