Attack Of The Slots

Have you heard about the conspiracy that the world is run by lizard people masquerading in human skins? It’s bizarre, we know. It’s something we wouldn’t imagine to appear on the slots either. But as it is so bizarre and unique, that it actually makes perfect sense it appears on slots! And it’s not the first apocalyptic release to prove an instant hit with gamers, either.

Aliens Spinning Amongst Us

Yggdrasil’s Reptoids is the release that has us chewing the cud over the lizard man conspiracy. The slot is cartoonish enough, and in B-movie style is reminiscent of the Mars Attack film with its tongue in cheek flavour. But apocalyptic slots don’t have to make a joke of it. They could go whole hog and serious, like NextGen does with its futuristic Renegades slot, set in a postwar world where the women are the survivors.

The central positioning of strong women as our combative heroes in NextGen’s Renegades slot caused many to wonder whether the Aussie studio was making a political statement. Far be it for us to decide. It certainly unleashed one hell of a slot across our reels that we will enjoy whether or not life as we know it comes to an end tomorrow.

Unearthing The Truth

The truth is that Renegades is an amazing slot. And could be a future we all face.  Seeing our heroes appear as mega symbols is an extra nice touch, particularly during the Free Games feature. We plough on in search of slots wins even after the end of the world. We do what we can.

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