Claw Your Exotic Slots Wins

We know for a fact that in the jungle, the mighty jungle, that’s where the lion sleeps. It’s in a song so has to be true. More importantly, we’ve seen from our slots play that the jungle is home to many big cats. Microgaming continues on the trend with the release of its Exotic Cats slot. Ferocious felines in a jungle setting? Naturally.

Are Microgaming Being CopyCats?

Cats are a big thing in the online world. Pictures, videos, memes, we’re pretty sure we could sit down, type in “cats” into a search engine and get lost for hours. Or days even. It’s no wonder then that they’re popular animals to appear on slots. NetEnt gave us a great example of cutesie cats with its Copy Cats slot. We get cats of varying colours, marking their territory in an alleyway and as the bonus round begins we see them multiply across the reels.

But these cats just aren’t big enough or mean enough when they take on Microgaming’s Exotic Cats. We’re talking BIG. Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Cougars, Lions – they all appear as high paying symbols on a five reel, 243 Ways to Win slot. With a free spins round that can be retriggered, we hear a cacophony of roars (including our own) as the wins come our way. This has been one of our best adventures in the jungle, even giving Microgaming’’s own Jungle Jim: El Dorado a run for its money. While the latter gives us plenty of exploration escapades, when we’re putting “cats” and “jungle” in a search engine, it’s Exotic Cats all the way!

A CAThartic Slots Experience

Whenever slots with similar themes come out, there’s always a degree of finger wagging. But Microgaming isn’t copying anyone else with its Exotic Cats slot. Instead, it’s given us something unique. Big cats. All the big cats! In an alluring jungle setting. There’s something about it that meets our cat needs as well as our slot requirements.

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