Automatic Live Roulette For The People

When we log into an online casino and settle down for a game of Roulette, we do so for good reason. Top graphics with intuitive navigation that brings the magic of a brick and mortar casino to life. What more could we ask for? An automatic version of the game, that’s what. Something that’s fast, furious and lets us whizz through our Roulette experience straight to the wins. Sans Croupier.

Automatic And Easy

Automatic Live Roulette is exactly what it says it is. It’s automatic. And it’s live. You might be thinking, “why on earth has an automatic version of Roulette been created?” At first that’s what we thought, too. Until we noticed there’s a huge number of Roulette players who want fast-paced action and aren’t bothered about the socialising aspect.

In online Live Roulette, socialising is a big part. It replicates the casino feel with Live Dealers or chat functions. There’s none of that jazz in Automatic Live Roulette. The dealers are gone. In its place is a table that can play sometimes up to 80 games in just one hour. All we have to do is place our bets and watch the ball launch onto the table as the wheel spins and stops. And spins again. And stops. And so forth.

It’s Still Live

Don’t be fooled by the rapid pace of the game, this version of Roulette is still very much lifelike. Meaning all winnings are made in real time. It’s just a lot faster. Which means we can get a quick fix of Roulette, not have to bother with socialising and enjoy the limits set for both low and high rollers alike. So, if today is an “I want to be alone” type of day but the “I want to play Roulette” feeling is stirring, you know just where to head. Right here.

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