Not Just About Slots

Online gaming is fun. That’s a fact. It’s also hugely rewarding. Fact two. But one thing people don’t tend to realise is that online slots offer up a fully immersive experience. That’s why they are so great. But it’s not just the slots that give us fun, entertainment and the chance to lose ourselves in something amazing. It’s the complete casino experience that other games offer, and at the moment we want to shout about NetEnt’s Blackjack Live  as it truly does take the biscuit.

The Real Deal

NetEnt already has a great catalogue of online casino games but for a proper casino experience, Blackjack Live is the game to play. Why bother going to a bricks and mortar casino, when we can stay in the comfort of our own home and enjoy the Blackjack experience of a lifetime? We don’t have to dress for it (although I do tend to wear the top half of a tuxedo) but it feels as if we have already dressed to the nines when we’re playing the live dealer games from NetEnt.

Blackjack Live comes to us in glorious HD and we can play with up to seven people at the same time. Already it feels as if we’re sitting in a real-life casino, at the table, with the dealer opposite us. This is where NetEnt excels, as its dealers are professional, friendly and aid in creating a realistic experience.

Good Quality Gaming At Its Best

The streaming quality of NetEnt’s Blackjack Live is second to none. We suffer no lagging issues or buffering and enjoy seamless gameplay as we draw our cards. With the right mechanics behind it, the glamorous Live Dealers and the intuitive Blackjack variations, NetEnt has nailed the true casino experience.

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