Betting Inside And Out

Roulette is a betting game. Obviously. But when it comes to betting it’s much more than just bidding on red or black. Or even or odd. Or lucky number seven. Well, essentially those are the basics of the game. But whether you are a novice or a Roulette pro, when we play Live Roulette, we get so much more than that. Different ways to play, various betting options and an immersive live experience make it an enduring online game.

Which Bets Do You Choose?

Live Roulette brings the magic of the real life casino straight to the screen, be it on computer, tablet or mobile. We get Croupiers talking to us, interacting and generally being effortlessly glamorous. Then we get to the nitty gritty of it – the betting options available. You may have heard of inside bets and outside bets and wondered what the heck is going on. You don’t have to leave the house o play outside bets, do I? An outside bet simple refers to the bets placed outside of the betting layout – Red/Black, Odd/Even and so on. Inside bets mean those placed inside the layout – Straight Up numbers, Streets, Corners, Columns, etc.

But we don’t have to bet on every single round when playing Live Roulette. Oh no. We can sit a spin out, biding our time. We can check the most frequent numbers on the scorecard to help us decide what to bet on next. Surely a “cold” number will only stay “cold” for so long? Some versions of the game save our favourite bets so we can reuse them in the future. Other betting options include the Racetrack option, which gives us even more options to get our lucky numbers.

Live Roulette, We Bet You’ll Enjoy It

As well as the realistic experience that Live Roulette offers, the different betting options add extra excitement to the game. And when we can play it on our mobile, we might just never leave the house again. Or we might. We can spin throw down some inside or outside bets on the bus to work, if we so choose.

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