Real Live Casino Play Only

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve heard this month? Ok, maybe we don’t want to know the answer to that. Instead, let me tell you the weirdest thing I’ve heard. People lamenting the fact that there is no demo play on Live Casino games. I mean, come on, seriously?

You Can’t Just ‘Try Out’ Real Life

Like most things in the real world, you can’t get a demo of it. And the same stands to reason for Live Casino games. The emphasis is on the word ‘live’. These games are played in real time, with actual human (as opposed to those fake humans!) dealers interacting with us on screen. Take NetEnt’s Live Roulette or Blackjack, for example, and enjoy a real, live gaming experience. Other players are playing for real and the dealer is in a studio being broadcast to your screen. Live. That’s a lot to ask for gratis. So, put simply…you can’t try that out for free.

But all is not lost. The next best thing is to play online Blackjack. There are plenty of versions available to try out for free. It’s the great way to learn all the betting options, get a feel for the game and familiarise yourself with everything. Once that’s been mastered, the Live Dealer beckons.

Practice Before Your Preach

So before anyone else complains about not being able to try out Live Dealer games, try online Blackjack for free first. You wouldn’t walk into a real casino and ask for free chips to play Roulette on, would you? Same goes for online. Except you can play online versions before trying it for real. Rant over.



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