Microgaming Takes Us Up The Vegas Strip

Going to a casino conjures up images of visiting Las Vegas, heading down The Strip and enjoying all the decadence that Vegas has to offer. We’ve got The Hangover to thank for that. Still, many people want to visit Vegas but are unable to do so. One option is to play Live Blackjack, but Live Casino play can be too speedy and intimidating for ne wplayers in particular. Instead, though, we can do the next best thing and experience the thrill of Vegas on Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold.

Vegas From Home

Microgaming allows us to have the Vegas experience from the comfort of our own homes. With Vegas Strip Blackjack, we take to the table and prepare to take on the dealer. The game is played with four standard decks with no Jokers. The exact same rules that are found in Las Vegas casinos are adopted on this online version, giving us a truly authentic experience. For instance, we can double after a split, or any two cards, or take insurance against Blackjack if the dealer has a face up Ace.
Microgaming up the ante with its Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, another version of the classic game. This is part of Microgaming’s ‘Gold’ series, meaning we get extra big prizes and payout potential, though it isn’t too dissimilar to the original card game.

Viva Las Microgaming

The Vegas Strip Blackjack games don’t come with loads of additional betting options and extra bonuses. It mirrors what we get at the Las Vegas land-based casinos. Although when we play online we can pull up statistics on the cards played, control how fast the game is played and adjust sound settings as we please. This means we get a truly authentic experience yet retain control. Which is precisely what the guys from The Hangover couldn’t do.

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