What Brings You Slots Luck?

Luck is a funny old thing. It plays a big part in online gaming. Especially when we’re trying our hand out on online slots. We’ve taken a look at some of the most interesting beliefs around the world and added a few of our own into the equation.

Feeling Lucky

There are some lucky items or superstitions that have existed for ages and are still common. For instance, a four-leaf clover – epitomised in slots play with Irish-themed Leprechaun-riddled mobile slots – or a lucky horseshoe or rabbit’s foot are still prevalent. I’ve often seen someone with a horseshoe key ring to bring them luck, although that just makes me think twice about getting in the car with them! Other popular motifs are lucky numbers – people might have them tattooed on their body or perhaps only ever wear a football shirt with their number on. Or how about a favourite toy? We know someone who carries around a miniature Yoda action figure with them to bring them luck. Or perhaps it’s just the magic of the Force helping them.

Interestingly, animals are very lucky in different cultures. The rabbit’s foot is popular in countries such as Britain and the US while goldfish bring good luck to people in Greece. In China and Japan, it’s the frog which is a symbol of luck whereas in India it’s the elephant, famous for being a symbol of the Indian god Ganesh. And Egypt? Why cats of course, creatures which have been on hieroglyphs since the days of Ra. Speaking of which, the lucky scarab beetle is also a symbol of luck in Egypt, and features in a number of Egyptian games like IGT’s epic Cleopatra online slot. Last but not least comes the pig, a creature who wallows in filth but is actually a good luck charm around the world!

Need Some Luck?

If you want some luck on your side next time you play online slots, perhaps some of these suggestions can help. Take a trip down to the farm to stroke a pig or walk in the park and wait for a ladybug to land on you. Perhaps you’ve got your own lucky tokens – it’d be great to know what they are. Answers on a postcard please.

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