Innovative Slots Reel Cases

Literally every single part of a slot is important, right from the theme of a game down to its main characters. One thing that’s particularly of value is the reel case. NextGen’s Dragon Wins and NetEnt’s Reel Rush show how gaming developers can make a real case for the reel case becoming the star of the slot.

Reel Good Slots

Dragon Wins, a five reel, 40 payline slot is all things dragon, as the name suggests. But NextGen doesn’t just settle on a few dragon symbols here and there. No, NextGen becomes a renegade slot developer to lay our reels across a stone rune in the middle of the screen (think Spyro) and the four main dragons appear on each corner. The two in the top corners flap their wings throughout while the bottom two observe from mini islands. Right from the get go we feel like the dragons are on our side, helping us towards the More Wilds Free Games and to win up to 1,200 times our stake.
Meanwhile, Reel Rush from NetEnt also shows how reel cases can really make a slot. This slot features five reels and 3,125 Ways to Win and while the main symbols are made up of retro shaped fruits, it’s the reel case that’s the hero. Why? Because it looks very, very similar to Super Mario World! With each spin we keep expecting Yoshi to appear and stick his tongue out.

The Finishing Touches

These two recent slots go to show how the reel case can really make a game stand out. It gives them that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’. The reel case also has the ability to make any slot appear better than it is. For example, if a slot doesn’t have a particular theme or characters nor stand-out symbols, a visually impressive reel case does that job instead. Here’s to the reel cases. The reel heroes.

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