Always The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids was a brilliant film. And it still is. It’s been seven years since its release and it’s still fun to watch. More importantly, the Bridesmaids slot is just as funny and is still a joy to play. In that way you might argue that Bridesmaids has achieved more real romance as an online slot than many real marriages manage. Microgaming has excelled in creating a long-lasting smash hit slot, proving its ability to be the king of movie adaptations.

Great Comedy Adaptations

Bridesmaids is a five reel, 40 payline slot that brings the six characters from the film together in slot form. As well as their likeness, we also get brief clips from the film, but it’s not just the comedy japes that make us love this slot so much. It’s the grand Wheel Bonus feature which activates when three or more Cupcake Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels.
This bonus round gives us the chance to spin a wheel and either win a cash prize or open up a bonus feature. This includes the Cupcake Booster feature, where we pick a cupcake to win a prize, from multipliers to cash prizes. Then there’s the flying High Free Spins, Friendship Free Spins, Boutique Bonus and Magic Moments bonus. Each one sees the film’s characters spring into action like a Wilson Phillips dance routine.

Who’d Want To Be The Bride?

It’s an old phrase we’ve often heard – “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” But with a slot like this, who’d even want to walk down the altar? Microgaming excels in its movie adaptations but Bridesmaid is one of the better comedy slots. And that’s just from one film. Imagine if Microgaming made a Hangover slot? There’s plenty of source material. Come on Microgaming, we’re waiting.

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