Fortune Favours Rainbow Riches

Barcrest is known for one of its most popular slots, Rainbow Riches. It combines great gaming with leprechauns and, for some bizarre reason, this is one of the most popular themes for slots at online casinos. It’s been of great fortune for Barcrest and as the phrase goes, ‘fortune favours the brave.’ Now, we’re seeing yet another instalment of the Rainbow Riches franchise (are we up to one million yet?) which asks the question – are leprechauns brave?

Introducing…Another Leprechaun Slot(!)

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours comes with five reels, 10 paylines and reminds us of…well…it reminds us of all the other Rainbow Riches slots. But that’s not a bad thing as Rainbow Riches is known for its great features and garish Gaelic design.
On this edition of Rainbow Riches the Magic Fairy symbol is active throughout our spins. This fairy can bring us slots luck and can randomly transform a symbol and create new wins. Then there’s the Big Bet feature, which lets us bet from £10 to £50 in increments of ten, with each level giving us various features. For instance, betting £20 makes the Magic Fairy Wild and transfers to subsequent reels while with £50, the Magic Fairy and the Wild are active but the Queen, Jack and 10 symbols are removed. It’s an interesting feature which makes up for the lack of free spins.

Brave Leprehcauns

If we now think about leprechauns being brave, we can see why Barcrest believes they are. On this slot we don’t get any free spins – a staple of many online slots – yet we don’t miss them. There are enough bonus features and symbol swapping to help us create some impressive wins. Yet again another leprechaun inspired slot but yet again, another instant hit.

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