ELK Plays Out Our Slots On Wild Seas

Spring has reared its head. (Finally!) Which means we’re now looking straight ahead to the next month – summer! Should be plain sailing, right? No more blips in the weather, nice breezes and the chance to head down to the beach. We hope so anyway. In preparation for this, we’re heading straight to the high seas on ELK’s Wild Seas slot.

From Port To Slot

It’s never been easier to set sail than on the Wild Seas slot. Take to the ships on this five reel, 178 Ways to Win slot and join the captains during the golden age of piracy. With each spin we see symbols such as Gold Skull Coins, Captains and the ship’s captain, Anne Bonny, helping us get our share of the booty as we advance through the game. We experience free spins and a convoy of merchant ships joining together, setting up a scene where a pirate ship appears and fires cannons and blasts wins our way.

ELK, a proud member of the NYX Gaming Group, sails us to the duel-level Free Spins bonus round. The Break the Convoy level sees it up to us to manoeuvre our ship away and Loot the Treasures, a second-level bonus game we launch if we manage to destroy one of the enemy ships from the first level. Sticky Wilds help us collect treasure chests. With bombs and gunpowder also featuring, there’s crazy cannon-blasting action, with Sticky Wild wins helping us hit the big time.

All Hands On Slot

Wild Seas is a fun way to enjoy the open waters. Not just because it has amazing visuals that save us from taking a trip to the beach, but because it has different levels to play and plenty of features that make pirating a rewarding experience. Never thought I’d say that. Nor do we advise or condone actual pirating, of course.

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