Building a Bankroll With 5 Free Spins

Is it possible? Can we really add some bucks to our balance with just five free spins? HELLS YEAH we can! It doesn’t take much either. It could be a single win. It could be one spin of the roulette wheel. It could be landing a mega jackpot on a slot. It really is the stuff that dreams are made of. Though these dreams can and do actually come true.

The Best Day To Play?

To be fair, when it comes to playing slots, any day is a good day. As slots come with a range of bonus features, including free spins, it won’t take long to rack up some courtesy spins and spin away to success. And with the continued growth of online gaming the future looks bright for slots fans as well as gaming companies and online casinos. But at the moment, Sunday is an extremely good day to play. Why? Because of the Happy Hour promotion that runs here at Sunny Casino every single Sunday.

Each Sunday you can enjoy five free spins on a different game. It could be The Heat Is On from Microgaming, or NetEnt’s Planet of The Apes. It all adds to the drama and mystery. But it’s not just five free spins. In fact, you can claim this reward up to ten times using the HAPPY promotion code. Just keep your eyes peeled each week for our hot game then grab hold of your spins and start building your bankroll.

Happy Hour Has A New Meaning

It used to bring up visions of people slumped against the bar…all before 7pm. Not here. Happy Hour puts focus on “happy”. And the best way to be happy? With free spins on some of the best online slots around. That’s our Sundays sorted for the next few months. Will you be joining us?

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