Slots From A Parallel Universe

New studies have shown that aliens might just exit in a parallel universe. If studies have shown it, then it must be true and we have to believe it unreservedly. Aliens are out there, living in a universe next to ours. Meh. But what about slots in a parallel universe? Now you’re talking! Forget about what aliens could look like, what would their slots be like? How do aliens look for stellar jackpots, right before they zoom through their warp drives to probe us like cattle?

Slots From Beyond

Funnily enough, It doesn’t take us much to imagine what slots from another universe would look like. Gaming developers have already done the work for us. For example, NetEnt’s Starburst is a five reel, 10 payline slot that could be a perfect representative of an alternative slot universe. Bright jewels and Starburst Wilds blind us as they create winning combinations on this cosmic slot. Sparks, another NetEnt slot with a unique Expanding Cloning Wild feature, definitely takes us far from this world.

Seemingly with a grip on the rights to produce ethereal slots, NetEnt’s NRVNA The NXT Xperience is a futuristic, space-themed slot that takes a different approach to traditional slots. Set against a backdrop of space the symbols, such as Lucky 7s and Clovers, are bright neon that light up deep space. Free Spins and Multipliers add some exciting extras, but this slot looks like it definitely could be from another world.

Alternative Slots

We reckon we’ve cracked it. Perhaps NetEnt itself is actually from a parallel universe. How else could we get slots with such a space-like, ethereal vibes? Similar symbols such as the ones on NRVNA The NXT Xperience are so close to home yet not. And Expanding Cloning Wilds on Sparks – only aliens are experts at cloning. We’re on to you, NetEnt!

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