NYX Lures Us Into The Siren’s Kingdom

Sirens are mythical creatures that make their first appearance in Homer’s Odyssey. They lure sailors with their enchanting voices…only to kill them! Odysseus managed to hear their voices as he was tied to the mast while his crew drowned out the sound with wax in their ears. But how can we hear the alluring call of the siren? It’s easy. We just play Siren’s Kingdom Slot. Good news is, we also won’t get killed for it.

Listening To The Siren’s Call

This is classic action. Greek mythology? How classic can we get? While some slots studios might focus on more modern adventuring characters like Microgaming does with its Lara Croft Tomb Raider epic slots, Siren’s Kingdom is a five reel, 30 payline slot that gives new life to mythical creatures. Instead of devouring sailors, these creatures live under the ocean depths and lure us in with the potential to win big. Which is very doable when we take advantage of all the features this slot has to offer.

The Sirens Kingdom Free Spins feature activates on this slot when three, four or five of the Octopus Scatters land on the reels. The bonus round offers us either 14, 25 or 36 free spins, respectively. During this, though, the Wild acts differently. Instead of expanding, it remains in place and fills two symbols next to it. Land more Wilds on one free spin and the reels can quickly fill. And it’s much more rewarding than listening to a siren’s call. Safer, too.

An Alluring Slot

Siren’s Kingdom Slot might not satiate our craving for ancient Greek mythology. It isn’t how we envisioned the creatures, instead they look more like The Little Mermaid. But perhaps that’s for the better. After all, we get free spins galore and Wild wins sent our way. Which is a lot nicer than what the actual sirens would do.

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