Fresh New Slots Concepts

With each new slot release, we’re seeing new features, new bonus rounds and new innovative reel case designs. They could be a variant of free spins, completely unique bonuses or enhancements to what we know and love. Take, for instance, level-based gaming. Not that the genre is flailing, but if any studio can breathe life into a gaming genre then it is certainly NetEnt. And that’s just what the studio achieves as it adds some pizzazz to the genre with its Turn Your Fortune slot.

Climbing Up The Coin Win Ladder

Level-based slots come in all shapes of sizes. Sometimes the level aspect might be a bonus round in which we can only advance after attaining a certain number of symbols. With variations of this, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd but Turn Your Fortune adds something different. This five reel, 40 payline slot, inspired by Art Nouveau, transports us to a world of ornate symbols, including Snails, Koi, Turtles, Lions and Owls. But it’s not the delicately crafted symbols we watch out for. It’s the Coin Win Ladder which makes a huge presence on the left of the screen.

As we collect symbols, we climb up the ladder. There are five levels and each of them have five steps. But each step brings with it a generous Multiplier. For instance, on the fifth step of the first level, we get 150 times our stake. Advance right through to the fifth level and the final step and we can get 2,000 times our stake! All while we’re doing that, we benefit from Multipliers galore and Fortune Re-spins. So not only does NetEnt zing up this feature, they make it extra lucrative, too.

Take The First Step to Fortune

The fact we can use free spins while climbing the Coin Win Ladder means the wins come in at an alarming rate. Usually on games when we level up, we have to pay a price…but it’s the other way around on the Turn Your Fortune slot. So thank you, NetEnt. That’s how you keep things fresh.

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