The Rise Of Indie Slots Continue

As technology continues to advance, so does the way we play. And as we get accustomed to new ways to play, companies need to carry on that evolution. Spinning the reels on a slot is fun but, like everyone about everything, we want more. And that’s where the indie studios come in, giving us new ways to enjoy popular online games.

Partnering Up For Success

Indie studios aren’t going to succeed all by their lonesome in this shark eat dog world of slots development. Which is why we’ve seen a surge in partnerships between big gaming developers and smaller studios. Let’s look at Microgaming. We know it for creating an abundance of slots, all with unique characters and some based on hit movies. It’s got its core focus and would we be so sure if it dedicated all its time on quirky instant win games? That’s why it’s partnered with more studios than a stereotypical New York cop in a TV show.

It partnered with Slingshot Studios and Just For The Win, the latter giving us slots such as the Reel Talent slot, making a move into cutesy animation, compared to Microgaming’s more angular approach. Then we’ve seen Microgaming releases such as Poke the Guy, an odd little game which sees us literally poking a guy. With weapons. To see him die. And get wins along the way. It’s weird, it’s fun and it’s something that we have the indie studios to thank for.

I Love You Indie

The way these partnerships are working seems to be harmonious at the moment. A small creative company with the financial clout of a giant behind it – what could go wrong? And for us, we get to keep on enjoying the best online games, tailored to the new ways we’re playing. More of the same this year, please.

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