This Is Our Slots Year

Ah 2019, what a year you will bring. Hang on a minute, let’s continue to sing. Because everything we’ve written…rhymes. Damn! So close. Why are we in such a singing mood? Because this year is going to be not just a good year. Not just a great year. It’s going to be EPIC. If He-Man and Skeletor weren’t predisposed, we’d have them shouting about it here too. Guess we’ll just have to do the shouting for them.

New Year, New Launches

So far we’ve already seen a massive improvement in online games. In 2018, we’ve had teems of new slots. We’ve enjoyed slots based on Hollywood movies, those with new characters, a resurgence of retro slots and loads of great new features. Then we’ve seen live casino gaming go to another level. Live casino dealers have been upping the ante (hehe), improving the way we play on mobile or desktop. We’ve seen Extreme Live Gaming combine Roulette with rhinos on Great Rhino Roulette, literally thinking so far outside the box it was on the savannah. And we’ve seen lobbies created purely for Blackjack and Roulette. What next?

In February we’ve got the ICE Expo (5-7 February in case you want to put it in your diary). If it’s anything like last year, we’re expecting some big announcements – new partnerships, new games and new ways to play. We’d like to throw out a few suggestions to anyone from Microgaming or NetEnt or the other bigwigs listening. Virtual Reality live casino gaming, anyone? Sure, it’s been talked about but let’s see it in action. This could even be expanded into slot games, creating a lobby which we could enter and then play our slots as if we were in Minority Report. Oooh, we like that. Let’s patent that.

Come On 19

We’re back to singing again. We lost our rhythm early on but now we’re singing along to Come on Eileen and we’re celebrating what this year is going to bring. He-Man? Skeletor? Everyone. All together now: “Come on 19!”

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