Let 2019 Turn Your Fortune

Round about this time of the year, everyone keeps asking, “have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?”. And we answer with a resounding yes. It’s to play some of the best slots in the world (and to play them here at Sunny Casino). This year, we’re sticking to our guns (we gave up on last year’s weight loss resolution) and playing a brilliant new release from NetEnt. Say hello to Turn Your Fortune.

A Spinning Start To The Year

NetEnt’s Turn Your Fortune slot just screams old school NetEnt. Not because of the, how shall we say, older style graphics. Okay, we are saying it, the classic graphics give this slot a vintage look but then that’s the whole point. Across five reels and 40 paylines, we see ornately designed emblems of Turtles, Lions, Birds and Shells, something which we’d expect to see in a Far Eastern antique shop. Then there’s the big barrel on the left which looks like an ancient Chinese puzzle.

With a lock at the bottom, it’s up to us to work our way up to the top and unlock a grand prize. Essentially, we collect symbols to climb up this coin win ladder. As we seek to build our bankrolls with Free Spins and Re-Spins features we can use this to fill the meter and advance up the rungs of the ladder/puzzle/bell thing (we’ll find out the real name for it). On each level we get different multipliers to our stake and on the fifth, we can get up to 2,000 times our stake. Now that’s one heck of a way to kick start the year!

Fortune Favours The Bold

So we’re going to be as bold as we can be. And that’s to dive head first into Turn Your Fortune and see what treasures we’re going to unearth. Next time somebody asks us about our resolution, we’ll just be able to show them our account balance, smiling over our triple chins.

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