Go Bananas For A Musk Play Slot

Elon Musk has recently said he’s tested a microchip connected to a monkey’s brain and he was able to control it with his mind. We’ll just leave that there for a second. Perhaps the reefer-smoking inventor did perform this. Or maybe he’s confusing himself with playing monkey related slots that offer immersive experiences. He could have got lost in the jungle on Gorilla Go Wild or become engrossed in Planet of the Apes. Or maybe he’s just been busy playing NetEnt’s Go Bananas slot.

No Monkeying Around

Go Bananas gives us just what we want from a slots experience. Fun and plenty of ways to win. And, of course, monkeys. Set atop a jungle stage, we’re in for a show. Though that’s probably what Mr Musk said when he was ‘brain controlling’ a chimp. This time though, we genuinely are in for a show.

Various jungle inspired symbols appear on the reels, in the form of Limes, Coconuts, Pineapples, Bongo Drums and Gold Statues. But it’s the monkeys who are the real stars of the slot. The Gorilla, Orangutan, Baboon, Langur and Tarsier all act as Wilds. When any of them appear on the reels, they transform the reels into winning patterns, helping us towards that big prize of 700 times our stake. Now that really is something to go bananas about!

Enjoy A Trip To The Jungle

What’s the best way to explore the jungle? It’s not to attach microchips to ape brains, we can tell you that much. It’s to sit back and play Go Bananas on your mobile so you can enjoy some rewarding monkey business from the comfort of your own home. It’ll be a lot cooler too.

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