Jack Hammer Versus The Terminator

We know what you’re thinking. Now imagine me with my clothes on, thank you very much. Ok, now we’re on the same page. And you’re right – just exactly who would win in a battle between Jack Hammer and the Terminator? Only one way to find out who takes the title in this epic clash of slots.

Robot Versus Hammer

NetEnt, of course, is not just all about slots. But it sure nows how to make ‘em. Jack Hammer is a no nonsense Private Eye who appears on not one but two great online slots. His second outing, Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business, is the one we’re focusing on (being the sequel and all). This comic book style slot comes with kapows, boofs and brings comic book action to life. There are Goons, Don Crabby and Jack Hammer, appearing as high symbols as well as an Electric Eel free spin symbol that gives us, well, you know, free spins.

So while we get zany comic action from NetEnt, Microgaming send its serious Terminator 2 slot into the ring. This slot comes with five reels, 243 Ways to Win and features the film’s main characters – the T-800, T-1000, John and Sarah Connor. The Blue Scatter symbol triggers free spins and the T-800 Vision bonus is randomly awarded – the screen turns red and a target moves around the reels, landing on a symbol to award us cash prizes. It’s as if Arnie himself is targeting us towards success.

The Winner Is?

Jack Hammer 2 is a fun slot for comic book fans and while the heroic character can help take down the mob and look good in a fedora, but Microgaming’s Terminator 2 packs more of a punch. The fact we feel as if we’re helping John Connor save the world definitely gives us an inclusive feeling and if it was a real fight, we know even Arnie’s Terminator, despite not being able to meld into new forms, could defeat old Jackie boy one-handed.

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